Rainbow Animals That Will Make You Revisit The Fairytales

There are animals that have unique qualities and abilities. But the ones that have a colorful appearance always manage to steal the show. These rainbow animals look wonderful with the mixture of different colors and shades. They look no less than fairies and their presence makes the place look like fairytales. Here’s a list of 5 animals that look like there’s a rainbow on the floor.

Rainbow Trout 

Rainbow trouts are a member of the salmon family and are quite heavy. They can be found in over 45 countries. The dorsal side of the body of adult fish is usually brown, olive green, or blue-green in color. There’s a reddish line too that stretches along the side of the body. The rainbow trout have seven fins in total. These fishes have very sharp teeth on the roof but don’t have any lower teeth at all. They work as an indicator of water pollution as they can only survive in clean water. They have a tendency to return to their birthplace whenever they lay eggs and can lay thousands of eggs at a time. 

Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon is a large pigeon measuring up to 16 inches in length. They have a unique and very beautiful appearance and are found on small islands and in coastal regions from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, east through the Malay Archipelago, to the Solomons and Palau. Their head is grey like the upper neck is plumage and has a short white colored tail. The rest of the color of its body is metallic green and its feet are dull red. Nicobar pigeons are a very vocal species and produce a low-pitched repetitive call. These birds travel in flocks from island to island and are not shy of humans. 

Rainbow Snake

As the name suggests, rainbow snakes have gorgeous colors on their whole body. They have a bright yellow belly and red and black stripes on the top. Rainbow snakes only eat American eels or green eels which is why they are also called eel moccasin. Rainbow snakes are very calm and shy, so it’s very difficult to find them. They are non-venomous, extremely rare, and spend most of their time hidden amongst aquatic vegetation. 

Rainbow Beetle

Rainbow beetles or leaf beetles are incredibly beautiful creatures and belong to the family of Chrysomelidae. They have a metallic iridescent color and spend most of the time cleaning themselves. Leaf beetles live within the shrubbery of common dogbane plants. When the sunlight hits them, they actually sparkle so much that you can actually see your own reflection on their shell. 

Rainbow Lobster 

The rainbow lobster is also known as ornate rock lobster or tropical rock lobster. These lobsters are usually found inhabiting caves in tropical areas. They use their strong mandibles to crack and chip away at the shells of their prey. These lobsters have long antennas that can be longer than their body. Their body has different beautiful patterns that look very attractive. They can regenerate lost legs and antennae with each molt.

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