These Animals Look Like They Are Made Of Glass!

Scientists themselves remind us from time to time about how there is so much more about this world that is not known to us. Almost every day we either come across a water animals that had some bizarre looks and features that leaves us speechless or every once in a while a new unique land animal is discovered and breaks the internet. Either way, it’s nothing new that nature has some of the most wonderful animals that are either not known to us or are not much in limelight due to their rare occurrence in front of the crowd. 

Well, today, we are gonna introduce you to some rare animals that you either did not know about or will be shocked that they even exist! Why do you think that? Well, can you imagine an animal that looks like it’s made up of glass? Nah right? Well to your surprise here are 5 such animals that look like they are made of glass!

These Animals Look Like They Are Made Of Glass!

Sea Gooseberry

Also known as Pleurobrachia pileus, don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it. Why do you ask? Because you will be much more invested in the looks of this animal rather than how it’s being pronounced! Believe it or not, the picture above of a water droplet is actually the Sea Gooseberry. Doesn’t it look like it’s made up of glass? They were first described in 1776, yes they are old. If you decide to go for a swim in the open waters of the Northern Atlantic Ocean, Black Sea, Baltic Sea, or the North Sea, chances are you may come across this beautiful member of the jelly community. Do not mistake them as glass though, remember they are the Sea Gooseberry. Also, don’t worry their tentacles are not poisonous. 


Well if you can’t remember the name, which you probably can’t, well good this is it also means ‘slim head’. They are basically the larva of the Eels, but definitely much more beautiful and glass-like. The obvious reason for them to look like the glass is their transparency, of course, and they are slim. Good thing is, you don’t have to search for a specific spot in order to spot them since they can be found in any water body where adult eels exist as well. So, we mean you do have to search for water bodies with adult eels though. Duh!

Surgeon Fish

No of course it’s not a surgeon, it is definitely transparent thought. One of the most beautiful fish mostly because of its appearance that gives it that look like it’s moulded out of a glass, just ready to be kept in your hall or on the display. Other than the entire body of this fish which may or may not be visible in the water, the part which will definitely be visible on land or water is the head. The silver head and the eyes are the only body part which may help to spot this fish in the open waters. 

Glasswinged Butterfly

We do know people say that ‘what’s in the name’ but for this one, it’s literally in the name, which was a hint by the way which you all definitely guessed with flying colours. Well yes, this is a beautiful butterfly that made it to this list because of its wings. The wings of this butterfly are transparent, I mean obviously, which gives it a look like it’s made up of glass, however, thank god it’s not made of actual glass otherwise it would have been a task to fly I guess. They can be mostly found in Mexico, Panama, and Colombia. So you know where to go if you need a photo-shoot of these unique butterflies. 

Glass Frog

Yes, the name thing again, but I guess you get it already. Point is, your prince frog in the stories can be a thousand times more unique if you simply name these glass frogs as the prince frog. No pressure though. They are not entirely transparent though, I mean don’t worry it’s not like they can be the invisible man-types sitting right in front of you. Their general colorization is lime green but the abdominal skin for a few members of this family is either transparent or translucent. They are mostly found in humid forests throughout central and South America including a few more places like Mexico, Panama, Colombia, and more. So transparency was definitely the key here, anyhow, hope you gained better knowledge about a few more species that we share the earth with, which are no doubt an absolute beauty, just like you!

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