These Clams Detect Poland’s Water Quality!

Yes, you heard that correctly. The capital city of Poland is relying on just eight clams to keep their water toxicity levels in check. Of course, humankind has all the fancy and complex technologies that can do the same in a few seconds. Not to forget how reliable technology has become. But why opt for something so complex when you can rely on nature to take its natural course of action? Believe us or not, these clams and mussels are doing some pocket-friendly wonders for over 8 million people when it comes to their water supply! Confused? Well, let us elaborate in a more specific manner.

What exactly is Poland trying to do?

These Clams Detect Poland's Water Quality!

The Municipal Water and Sewage Enterprise of the capital city of Poland found a genius way to keep their water purity in check. The city of Warsaw is actually using clams and mussels to determine the toxin levels of their water. They have placed eight clams in their water pump. The clamshells are attached with a string that alarms a system. It also is responsible to collect data depending on the opening and closing of the shells. If the clamshell closes completely, the system automatically shuts off the city’s water supply. This water treatment process is heavily dependent on these organisms for the bio-monitoring of the water. Now you must be wondering why they trust these clams so much, correct? Well, the scientists have a pretty strong reason behind that as well.

So, why are these clams and mussels so trustworthy?

These Clams Detect Poland's Water Quality!

The scientists have all the correct reasons to show a green signal to these organisms for a responsibility like this. It is because clams are something that only lives in clean water. They feed by opening their shells depending on the amount of food that they require. However, their high sensitivity towards water pollution and toxins make them close their shells as soon as they sense impurities in the water. This basic concept is what runs the entire water purification process here. As soon as the clams close their shells, it triggers the alarms regarding the increasing toxicity of the water. Hence, it closes the water supply automatically. According to the Polish Waterworks company, this is one of the most effective ways for this function. In fact, a similar tech is being used by Minneapolis. They are using 12 mussels to keep their water clean. Nature sure works wonders!

How do they even choose which clam to use?

These Clams Detect Poland's Water Quality!

The Polish Waterworks has a very planned way to select the correct clams. They first make the clams acclimatize for two weeks. Once that is done, each clam serves for three months. The three months concept is to avoid the changes in the natural working of the clams. The used clams are marked and then returned to the water they were caught from. The mark helps the workers to avoid reusing the already used clams.

Now, this sure is a genius and reliable way that these people came up with. It is worth all the praise for sure. In fact, there is a documentary regarding the same by the name Fat Kathy. Feel free to check the documentary. After all, gaining knowledge like this is never boring!

 So, what are your thoughts about these working clams? Would you trust a process like this for your city? Tell us in the comments below!

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