Wait! Take This Quiz Before You Plan Your Next Vacation!

Almost all people like to travel, some are obligated to travel, some travel for adventure, and some for the luxury. But before you decide where you want to go next, it might make sense to figure out who you are as a traveler.

Answer These Few Questions To Plan A Perfect Vacation!

  1. 1 In your view, what's the point of travelling somewhere new?

    1. To Recharge Your Soul.
    2. To Soak In The Nature and Have Some Adventure.
    3. To Explore The Culture and Locals.
    4. To Eat Famous Food and Places
  2. 2 Out of these is most important to you when you're on a trip?

    1. Comfort- I Want Relax
    2. Adventure: I love Me Some Adrenaline
    3. Culture/Discovery: I want to learn and see something new.
    4. Explore Famous Places.
  3. 3 When planning a vacation you..

    1. Plan everything before hand.
    2. Plan a few things and leave it rest for during the trip.
    3. You don't really plan anything.
    4. Plan a day before.
  4. 4 How important is comfort when you are travelling?

    1. Very Much, I need everything perfect.
    2. I'm fine with a few tweaks.
    3. Comfort for me is having the best vacation.
    4. I can adjust.
  5. 5 If you could only take 1 item on holiday it would be…

    1. Trainers or Walking Boots.
    2. Swimsuit
    3. Backpack.
    4. A guide for best places to visit.
  6. 6 What kind of a souvenir are you most likely to bring back?

    1. A postcard or a fridge magnet.
    2. As many shopping bags as you can.
    3. Anything which represents culture.
    4. A lot of selfies from your adventure.
  7. 7 Which is your go to snack during a vacation?

    1. Club Sandwich.
    2. Noodles.
    3. Chips and Chocolates
    4. Any Local Snack

Wait! Take This Quiz Before You Plan Your Next Vacation!

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  1. Quiz result

    The Adventure- Seeker!

    You are an Adventure-Seeker.

    Let’s face it, who needs to be stuck in a gridlocked city, breathing in the local cocktail of smog, when they could be nestled in the beauty of nature and gulping down lungfuls of fresh air?  Being able to explore nature and experience the goodness of a place is what drives you to travel.

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  2. Quiz result

    The One For Recharge Retreat!

    You Seek For A Relaxing Vacation.

    Away from the hustle-bustle of urban lifestyle, you travel to relax either alone or with friends without any planning. Your favorite destinations can be anywhere where you can relax and rejuvenate away from the never-ending and fast-moving city life and indulge in the luxury you deserve!

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  3. Quiz result

    The Typical Tourist!

    You Love To Go Touristy.

    You are the type of traveller that prefers sticking to famous destinations and the clichéd touristy activities. Your go-to vacation is to go around the cities and destinations and enjoying sightseeing and also trying out the famous food places. You ensure that no must-sees and must-dos are missed in your vacation.

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  4. Quiz result

    The Explorer!

    You Love To Explore!

    You are the kind of traveller who likes to go the local way and you don't just stick to the cliche.  Learning and experiencing the culture and local food is what drives you to go for a vacation. You tend to stay away from the cliche tourist places and like to go above and beyond to make your vacation a memorable one!

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