Which Shakira Song Are You?

Where are the Shakira fans at? We have a fun quiz for you! The diva sure is a gem to the music industry, and people are crazy for her and her songs for all the obvious reasons. So we thought to create a fun quiz for the same. Here are a few questions personality-based questions. Based on your answers, we will tell you which Shakira song you are! Now, isn't that an interesting one? We are sure it will be fun for you!

  1. 1 Choose a mood among these.

    1. Fun
    2. Party
    3. Energetic
    4. Strong
    5. YOLO
    6. Feel like singing.
  2. 2 Choose a fun activity.

    1. Dance
    2. Shopping
    3. Gossip
    4. Trekking
    5. Painting
    6. Singing
  3. 3 Choose your ideal destination.

    1. Desert
    2. A big city
    3. Beach
    4. Mountains
    5. Another planet!
    6. Cruise
  4. 4 Which activity among these excites you the most?

    1. Jungle safari
    2. Dance parties
    3. Friends and family
    4. Adventures
    5. The unknown
    6. Night trips
  5. 5 Which genre is you favorite?

    1. Musicals
    2. Comedy
    3. Thriller
    4. Adventure
    5. Sci-fi
    6. Horror
  6. 6 Choose a color that you will prefer for your room.

    1. Orange
    2. Brown
    3. White
    4. Green
    5. Black
    6. Pink
  7. 7 Choose a band among these.

    1. Maroon 2
    2. The Beatles
    3. Black pink
    4. One Direction
    5. BTS
    6. The Rolling Stones
  8. 8 Do people trust you with their secrets?

    1. Nah!
    2. Not much
    3. You think I'll tell the correct answer?
    4. Yes
    5. Sometimes
    6. Yes, because I forget them.
  9. 9 Do you like helping people?

    1. Not much
    2. Depends on my mood
    3. Sometimes
    4. Of course
    5. If I'am not in a hurry
    6. I try to
  10. 10 Last one, how much do you love Shakira?

    1. More than you can ever imagine
    2. I'am a fair headed fan
    3. Well, I like some of her songs
    4. I like her
    5. She has a good voice.
    6. Fine, depends on the song.

Which Shakira Song Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    Waka Waka

    You sure are Waka Waka. The song fills people with instant joy. Seems like your personality is a jolly one, and people really do enjoy your company. We are sure that this song suits you the best. Plus, not to forget that people like you are a rare gem, just like this song.

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  2. Quiz result

    "Hips Don't Lie"

    You sure are Hips Don't Lie. For starters, the song is one of the most popular ones in the music industry. So, it is befitting that you also are someone who is quite popular among your known ones. The song is very happening, and people enjoy it. Just like people enjoy you being around.

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  3. Quiz result


    You sure are Loca. The song is amazing, and people tune into it pretty fast. So it makes sense that you are this song since you also mingle with everyone in an instant. You have a jolly personality, and your high spirit is what attracts people the most.

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  4. Quiz result

    She Wolf

    You sure are She Wolf. The song is strong and can make anyone vibe with its beats. The lyrics are equally impactful. Just like the type of personality that you carry! You have a strong character, and people trust and rely on you. You surely are She Wolf.

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  5. Quiz result

    Try Everything

    You sure are Try Everything. You are a risk-taker who loves adventures. Your personality often comes out as bold to other people, and that's why they really admire you. You are someone who believes in yourself, and that's what makes you confident about yourself.

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  6. Quiz result

    La La La

    You sure are La La La. This song instantly fills people with a lot of joy and energy. Just like you, who move around with abundant energy. People really enjoy your company and see you as someone who gets things done. Your strong aura is something that attracts people.

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