7 Things That Our Dogs Don’t Like About Us

Dogs are the most loving and loyal pets and consider their owner as their leader. But this doesn’t mean they love your every action. There are things that our dogs don’t like and we do those very often. Too much repetition of these activities might result in affecting your dog’s mental and physical health. Here’s a list of 7 activities of humans that our dogs don’t like.

Dogs Don’t Like Rushing

When dogs go out to excrete, they don’t like to do it in a hurry. Dogs like to explore their surroundings. But when you rush them, they get irritated and don’t behave properly. What you can do is train your dog to come back after doing its business. You can easily train your dogs with the help of treats and toys. 

Wrong Walking Routines

Observe the weather that your dogs like or don’t and schedule its walk accordingly. Keep in mind whether the ground is too hot in summer or too cold in winter. Dogs’ paws are sensitive and get affected by the floor temperature easily. 

Isolating Them

This is a very important point to keep in mind. Dogs are pack animals and most consider their owner as their leader. When left alone for a longer period, they can develop issues like separation anxiety which might result in them destroying furniture or even biting. Best try to give them lots of attention whenever you can. You can also take them to a dog daycare if you are too busy.


Dogs are not humans, they are animals and don’t like someone wrapping their arms around them. This makes them feel trapped and can get aggressive. They will only allow very trusted humans to hug them. Instead, you can cuddle them, or pet them on their back and chest.

Changing Routines 

Dogs are habit conscious and like to follow a routine. They want a fixed schedule for their food to exercise to rest time. They totally depend on routine and can get anxiety if the routine gets changed. Always follow a proper routine when it comes to your dog and doesn’t change if often. 

They Get Annoyed By Certain Scents

Dogs have very active noses and can smell many things that we barely notice. Smells like strong perfumes, cleaning products, vinegar, peppers, or citrus food annoy them very much. It is best to keep these things in a closed container and away from your dog’s place. 

They Don’t Get Many Words

Dogs don’t understand human language and get confused if you use long sentences; they will get confused and will not get trained. Instead, you can use keywords that dogs can get used to like to sit, stand, good boy and reinforce these words with gestures. This will train your dog very easily.

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