8 Reasons You Should Never Adopt A Cat

You think cat are the cutest, most precious lovable pets on the play? Think again! People might believe cats are Gods, but Lord help us, they have crawled up from hell. Here are 8 reasons why they are the most atrocious creatures ever, and why you should never adopt a cat.

They will not play with you when you need them the most

8 Reasons You Should Never Adopt A Cat

Buy tens of toys and your cat will not play with them. Or with you. They’re really picky when it comes to toys and slaves.

They will not make cute faces which will make your day

8 Reasons You Should Never Adopt A Cat

Right in the morning, you might find your cat staring out of the window with a frown on its face. Ask it what’s wrong and you’ll get a scowl.

Their cute faces will interrupt your work

8 Reasons You Should Never Adopt A Cat

When they finally decide to be cute and adorable, you’ll be too busy with work. Ah, how am I supposed to focus if my cat is looking at me like that? Every now and then, they’ll cameo.

They will make your bed their own

8 Reasons You Should Never Adopt A Cat

Did you say you enjoy being single? No more, honey. Your bed is your cat’s obvious territory. And cats shed. A lot. Be ready to sleep in a big pool of cat hair. A cute cat’s hair, that is.

They will claim all boxes in your house

8 Reasons You Should Never Adopt A Cat

Cats love being inside boxes so much that studies have been performed to understand the psychology behind this act. Need we say more?

They might scratch you with their cute little paws

If your cat doesn’t like you very much, it will scratch you with its teeny paws and tiny, sharp nails. If it does like you, get ready for a cat nail massage.

Do not give them purrs or tummy rubs

Cats are masters. If you decide to give them rubs or purrs, they’re going to show you where to rub. And then they’ll cuddle against you every time they want it. Which is basically forever.

Last, They are just the worst

Imagine getting a good cat by mistake, and you get attached to it. But it stomps its feet around your house at night. It drinks from the tap. It decides to sleep in that Amazon box you’ve kept for a return. And it falls in love with you. As a result, it shoves its butt in your face all day. Ah.

Never adopt a cat, okay? If you can help it, that is.

So you’re daring enough to adopt a cat? Here’s how you can prepare your home before you get one!

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