How Masashi Kishimoto Saved Boruto

The mangaka Masashi Kishimoto’s comeback has stirred several discussions. When Boruto manga was at a crossroads, and it appeared that Naruto’s demise was on the horizon even with the new power-up, Masashi Kishimoto had to step in to save the day.

There is no one better to bring his narrative to a close than his original creator. His unexpected return to the franchise had generated speculation that he may have returned just to avenge Naruto’s death. Kishimoto appeared to have departed Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru only for the sake of Boruto, which was not performing as well as planned.

Boruto had not lived up to Shonen Jump’s expectations, and certain data showed that the popularity was dwindling. With Kishimoto’s comeback, the manga’s fortunes were likely to improve. His homecoming, however, had been met with mixed feelings. Even if Naruto was going to die, fans would expect him to resurrect the tale in some way… or perhaps not?

Naruto had attained the Baryon Mode, his most powerful form thus far, at the expense of his life. Naruto’s life may appear to be coming to an end, but Kishimoto may have had other ideas. Because there was no documented mythology for the Baryon Mode in the Naruto universe. As a result, even when Naruto’s physical life was gone, he may still be present spiritually. Shinobi have already placed their chakra in the seal, preserving their spiritual life. Kishimoto had the possibility to utilize one of these techniques to save Naruto. At the same time, Kurama would have been completely destroyed or reborn someplace else. Regardless of how the plot unfolded, Naruto may not die anytime soon.

Boruto looked to be a side character for fans who have never been happy with him as a protagonist. The manga was now at crossroads. Will Kishimoto go for Naruto’s demise, or will he swerve the narrative a little to reclaim the franchise’s lost followers’ attention? Boruto, on the other hand, had more potential than Samurai 8, thus its abrupt termination is not surprising. 

According to jump’s official statement, Kishimoto was always set to take over Boruto, but there were other variables that might have contributed to his comeback. After finishing Naruto, Kishimoto’s first major project was Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru, which began weekly serialization in May 2019. Kishimoto certainly had great ambitions for Samurai 8, judging by the rich mythology and long-term strands that were progressively planned out, but the series was discontinued less than a year after its premiere, rushing to an uncomfortable, hasty ending. Samurai 8 was barely half-way through its projected runtime, leaving fans who had already invested in Kishimoto’s distinctive sci-fi samurai universe dissatisfied. If Samurai 8 had been a smashing hit and was still going strong, it’s unlikely that Kishimoto would have taken over on Boruto. The early conclusion of Samurai 8 had allowed Kishimoto more time to devote to Boruto. 

Another reason for Masashi Kishimoto’s comeback was the intense workload of a mangaka. After 15 years of writing and illustrating a weekly series, Kishimoto was naturally looking for a less demanding schedule post-Naruto. Kishimoto solely created the plot and characters for Samurai 8, leaving the artwork to Akira Kubo. Boruto’s manga follows the same format. Until now, the sequel was written by Uky Kodachi, while the artwork was done by Kishimoto’s old main assistant, Mikio Ikemoto. Masashi Kishimoto’s return to Naruto reunited the legendary creative team.

To entice die-hard Naruto fans, it was now conceivable that Naruto may grow stronger than ever before, avoiding his death entirely. If Kishimoto did something like that, committed fans would have seen it as a desperate effort and may not have approved. When a new writer joins the team, it is common for the plot to undergo a dramatic shift. Kishimoto was the only individual who could successfully enhance Boruto’s key traits because he was linked with the prior series.

Do you think Kishimoto’s return brought about the necessary positive changes for die-hard Naruto fans to return to the sequel? Comment below with your answers.

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