Did You Know That These Are The Most Expensive Cat Breeds Of The World?

Cats are also the most beloved companions along with the dogs. A cat lover or owner understands completely what role a cat plays in your life and your betterment. Owning a great cat breed is amazing, but how far can you go in spending money to buy your favorite cat breed. Here’s a list of the most expensive cat breeds of the world.

British Shorthair

most expensive cat breeds in the world

This is one of the most popular cat breeds registered in the United Kingdom which costs around 1,000 to 1,500 dollars . They have very dense coat short fur and the name shorthair suggests. This cat is famous for having a calm character making them a perfect choice for those who live in small apartments.


most expensive cat breeds in the world

Peterbald is a rare cat breed which costs around 1,500 to 5,000 dollars. This amazing breed was created by experimental mating between a male don sphynx cat and female oriental shorthair. This experiment resulted in a super cute breed Peterbald. They mostly prefer a warmer climate and it’s best to keep them indoor. Peterbalds have a very loving nature and bond with humans very quickly and they don’t like to be left alone for long. This breed is very energetic and enjoys playing. Also they are very vocal and cat lovers are always ready to have a cat conversation with them. This breed is fit for families with small children.

Persian Cat

most expensive cat breeds in the world

Persian cat is one of the most loved cat breeds in the world. They cost around 1,000 to 5,500 dollars. Their distinctive facial features are so attractive that a cat lover cannot prevent himself from owning it. Also, their fluffy fur and long tale makes us want to hold them forever. These cats are well worth the cost they come at and they are the most loved cat breed in Hollywood too. 

Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat

most expensive cat breeds in the world

Formally known as Allerca costs around 7,000 dollars, researchers claim that this cat breed does not cause allergy to humans. Isn’t it great for a cat lover? Scientists made this possible through experimenting and disabling certain genes from generations, they created a breed that does not cause any allergy.  Also their color, pattern and their beautiful eyes makes it hard not to own them.

Bengal Cat

most expensive cat breeds in the world

They cost around 1,000 to 25,000 dollars. But that’s too much for a cat, right? They are created by mating an Asian leopard by a domestic feline. Bengals have a wild appearance and their size is also a little larger than other cats. As they are from the leopard generation, they require much exercise and are mostly in a playful mood.


most expensive cat breeds in the world

This is probably the most expensive cat in the world. The cat costs around 15,000 to 100,000 dollars. It’s really unbelievable but it’s totally worth it. Ashera is a combination of a domestic house cat, the African serval and an Asian leopard cat. Asheras are an extremely loyal, affectionate and smart breed which makes them a perfect cat to own as a pet. One should be careful when buying them as some might not be the exact same breed but will look similar. 

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