Top 5 Artsy Movies For The Thinking Mind

Artsy cinema is sometimes similar and sometimes vastly different from mainstream films.  Art films are amazing to watch but they also inspire the mind of artists and enhance their idea about any kind of art. The artsy movies leave the limits of genres or stereotypical storytelling methods. They show no shame in experimenting with the direction of the film and characters. Here’s a list of the top 5 artsy movies for you to watch!  


Top 5 Artsy Movies For The Thinking Mind

This masterpiece is directed by Julie Taymor. This movie is the biopic of the famous and bold artist Frida Kahlo. Frida is an artist who was born in Mexico. This movie opens up with young Frida who is a wild, rebellious yet charming and loving lady. Frida suffers from an accident and was not able to walk for a long time. During the time of her treatment, she found peace in painting. This was the most important aspect of her life. Her paintings portrayed pain, misery, and loneliness beautifully. Frida is an artwork in itself and inspires the audience in a fascinating style.

Walt Before Mickey

Top 5 Artsy Movies For The Thinking Mind

As the name suggests, Walt before Mickey is the biography of Walt Disney directed by Khao Le. This movie portrays the life of Walt Disney from the beginning. When Walt was a kid he used to draw sketches and later builds interest in animation. With a great start, his business grew but there were very hard times that he faced during his journey. Walt before Mickey is not just a film about Disney but about everyone who witnessed and contributed to the struggle of it.

Mr. Turner

Top 5 Artsy Movies For The Thinking Mind

Mr. Turner is a biographical drama film directed by Mike Leigh. This movie is about the life of British landscape artist J. M. W. Turner. The movie begins with Turner being 52 years old and already famous. Turner rarely got involved in his family matters and didn’t even attend his daughter’s funeral. He with all his mind and heart focuses on his paintings. His character is not someone whom people will love but still with the impactful direction and unbelievable acting, this movie helps us locate humanity even in the great artist. 

Mona Lisa Smile

Top 5 Artsy Movies For The Thinking Mind

Mona Lisa Smile is directed by Mike Newell. This movie is about a teacher named Katherine Ann Watson in an all-women private school. Katherine graduated from arts and started teaching it. She encourages her students to follow their dreams. She explains the true meaning of art to her students and also talks about how women are portrayed in society and how many things are wrong with it. This movie is well written and also the characters are great too. It focuses on the life of each character patiently which gives us time to acknowledge the pros and cons.

Midnight In Paris

Top 5 Artsy Movies For The Thinking Mind

Midnight In Paris is directed by Woody Allen. This movie is a comedy-drama set in Paris and focuses on Gil Pender, a writer who wants to launch his debut Novel. In Paris, he goes on a vacation with his fiancée. Gin tries to escape from her and other things. So, he takes a walk at midnight and explores the city’s surprises. He starts to enjoy the midnight strolls as at that time everything gets transformed into the 1920s and he doesn’t know how it is possible. Midnight in Paris is filled with quirky comedy and fascinating adventures.

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