Top 5 Trending Anime Girls Of 2020

Anime love is growing rapidly in every country and has maintained itself as a mainstream genre globally. The same is with its characters too. Anime lovers are now huge fans of many characters and anime girls not behind in the race. They are trending in anime and some have a huge fan following. Here’s a list of the most trending anime girls of 2020.

Michiru Kagemori –BNA: Brand New Animal

Michiru Kagemori is the main lead of BNA: Brand New Animal. She is the first human-turned beastmen. Michiru is brave, adventurous, and energetic and doesn’t like violence at all. She cares for both humans and beastmen and even doesn’t like to hurt her enemies. Sometimes she’s a stubborn girl who is very determined towards her goals. Michiru is a character loved by all and always cheers up the mood of the audience.

Katarina Claes – My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom      

Katarina is the main protagonist in My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom. She is a beautiful wealthy heiress who gets an injury in her head and recovers all of her past life memories. She possesses earth magic that creates bumps in the ground. Katarina is full of herself and even with her evil intentions; she steals the heart of our audience.

Sayaka Kanamori – Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken 

Sayaka Kanamori is one of the protagonists in Keep Your Hands off Eizouken. She is very brilliant, and through her manipulative nature, she gets what she wants. Sayaka never wastes an opportunity and is very ambitious. She understands the value of money and hard work. Viewers love her for her creative skills and dominating nature.

Noi- Dorohedoro

Noi is one of the cleaners of En and they kill people. She always competes with her partner Shin whom she secretly likes. Noi can crush skulls with her strong muscles and huge size. Her ability to heal fast and super strength makes her perfect for the job she does. She is also a marvelous person and full of sunshine. But don’t fall for her smile as she can tear people into bloody chunks. She fools people by wearing a mask and they mistake her for a man.      


Echidna is one of the main characters of Re: Zero – Starting Life In Another World. She’s the witch of greed who also renamed herself Omega. Echidna bought with her the souls of 5 other witches that reside in her necklace. She tends to smile and act playful to fool others. She is a black-hearted witch who is cruel to others. Echidna can do anything and can cross any limits to get what she wants. Echidna is a very curious person and thirsts for knowledge.

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