Which Dog Should You Adopt? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Do you like pets? Especially dogs? Are you looking to get a pet soon? Well, regardless of you being an experienced or a new owner, such decisions are never easy. There are so many dog breeds to choose from, and each one of them is equally adorable. This makes the selection process a bit more difficult. Well, we thought to help you out a little bit by helping you narrow down your choices! Just simply take this  fun quiz and we will tell you which dog should you adopt!

  1. 1 What is the ideal size for your dog?

    1. Puffy and Large
    2. Medium is fine.
    3. The biggest that I can get!
    4. Not too bulky but big.
    5. Big and fit!
    6. I don't mind much but maybe medium size.
    7. Small dogs for sure.
    8. Cuddly enough.
    9. Small but puffy.
    10. Very small one.
  2. 2 Choose a major quality that you are looking for in your pet.

    1. Talkative and outgoing!
    2. Family friendly!
    3. Gentle yet protective.
    4. Friendly and protective.
    5. Calm and very alert
    6. Fit for trips!
    7. Energetic
    8. Cuddly and friendly
    9. Playful and loud
    10. Smart and active
  3. 3 How much can you walk you dog?

    1. They can run the whole day if they want!
    2. Not much!
    3. One or two walks a day
    4. maybe a little but not much!
    5. Three times a day is enough.
    6. A lot!
    7. Probably half an hour.
    8. Not at all.
    9. Once in a day.
    10. At least up-to an hour.
  4. 4 Average life span that you will prefer?

    1. At least more than 10 years.
    2. At least 12 years!
    3. I don't mind a short life span pet
    4. 13 or 14 years at least
    5. 7 to 8 years are fine as well.
    6. A longer life span.
    7. the longest I can get!
    8. 16 years or so.
    9. 12 to 16, anything in between.
    10. 15 years.
  5. 5 How much shedding can yo handle?

    1. I don't mind it
    2. I can handle a lot.
    3. Heavy is fine by me.
    4. Not much, light is fine
    5. Medium to heavy.
    6. Bring it on!
    7. I can handle it everyday
    8. Medium or light
    9. Not much if possible.
    10. Infrequent
  6. 6 Are yo looking for a pet friendly dog?

    1. Yeah!
    2. Extremely friendly
    3. Yes, gentle and friendly!
    4. They should be great with other pets
    5. yes, a little bit
    6. No I don't have any other pets
    7. To some extent
    8. Maybe
    9. No need to be that friendly and all
    10. Average amount of friendliness.
  7. 7 What type of house are you planning to keep your pet in?

    1. Very open with a lot of space outside as well!
    2. Good enough to play around.
    3. Got a mansion, not to worry.
    4. Not That big actually.
    5. Well, my house is a medium one.
    6. Its all fenced!
    7. Small house
    8. Its not that big!
    9. Apartment
    10. Relatively medium.
  8. 8 Let's match your personality now- choose a word to describe you the best!

    1. Talkative
    2. Friendly
    3. Calm
    4. Caring
    5. Protective
    6. Athletic
    7. Aggressive
    8. Lazy
    9. Bossy
    10. High maintenance
  9. 9 Your favorite activity?

    1. Running
    2. Talking
    3. Nothing!
    4. A long walk
    5. Watching crime documentaries!
    6. Trekking
    7. Shopping!
    8. Sleeping
    9. Eating
    10. Spa!
  10. 10 How much time will you try to spend with your new dog?

    1. A lot!
    2. Whole day if possible!
    3. At least half a day!
    4. I have kids so yeah the dog will have company!
    5. Probably a good amount.
    6. Average hours
    7. Not that much
    8. Possibly less
    9. Little
    10. Probably not that much

Which Dog Should You Adopt? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

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  1. Quiz result


    Husky are of different types. You can go for any of them. Most of them are extremely talkative, so you will never get bored. They will surely match your energy level. Some time with them will surely make you happy!

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  2. Quiz result

    Golden Retriever

    Golden Retrievers are the perfect match for you! They are extremely friendly! One of the happiest dogs that will also go well with your kids or friends. They are considered the friendliest dogs. These cuties will surely make you happy!

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  3. Quiz result

    St. Bernard

    St. Bernard is the dog breed for you! You will surely love to have one. They are big in size but are very gentle and family-friendly. They do not eat but in comparison to their size. Also, they will cuddle with you all day long!

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  4. Quiz result


    Greyhounds are a nice breed of dogs that will not disappoint you. This dog will gell well with your other pets as well. A perfect match for you for sure. They are intelligent and family-friendly!

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  5. Quiz result

    Great Dane

    They are one of the largest dogs you will ever have. They are an extremely alert breed of dogs and are suited well for guarding purposes! The breed is from Germany and is known for its hunting skills.

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  6. Quiz result

    Shiba Inu

    Oh, this cutie is a perfect match for you. But do not let its looks deceive you. They look cute but are very alert and energetic. You will love to have one for sure! They also can be your hiking partners!

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  7. Quiz result


    Chihuahuas are dogs that can have a really deceiving size. Of course, they stay tiny for the rest of their lives, but their energy is unmatched. They are an energy pack that will make your day. They sure match your personality! You can go for them.

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  8. Quiz result


    Pugs are very lazy dogs. They eat a lot and love to cuddle. Basically, an ideal choice for you. You should definitely go for a cute pug. Do take care of the walks through, or else they can sleep away the whole day!

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  9. Quiz result


    Pomeranians are one of the cutest dogs that one can ever own. They are tiny but very energetic. You surely will love to have one. Your preferences and lifestyle are a perfect match with a cute Pomeranian!

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  10. Quiz result

    Miniature Poodle

    Miniature Poodles are one of the cutest dogs one can ever get. You should definitely go for one. They look like a real-life soft toy and will be happy to spend their entire day with you!

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